We spent Thanksgiving with our oldest son in Austin this year. We did the traditional turkey meal, and of course we scouted out BBQ. For our last night, our son suggested poke-pronounced po-kay. Ok!

It's Hawaiian sushi that is served diced and with a variety of spices and veggies. In some poke shops, you go down the line, Subway style, and pick out what you want with yours. While a friend referred to my dinner as "bait with some rice" you can see in the picture, large chunks of salmon with peppers and brown rice, and I juiced it up after the photo with Siracha and a dash of soy sauce.

It's perfectly healthy and all, but I eat for taste and it was really good. The poke place we were at, uses high grade salmon sushi that we can't get in Amarillo. It was fresh, spicy, and delicious.

I still want a Jack In The Box for Amarillo and there are many locations in Austin (yes I had the tacos). Amarillo is in another restaurant boom, and I would love to see poke come to Yellow City.

We Texas panhandle types have adjusted well to our many Thai offerings, and we do have decent sushi, but poke takes it up a notch in quality and flavor. I love Texas BBQ and enjoyed the Salt Lick in Driftwood, and Cooper's in Llano. The poke was a nice break, and very good.

A friend who was with us at the poke place, said she had driven past it many times and never stopped. She would agree, that poke..is OK!


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