Even before Sony was hacked and we got a look at their e-mails regarding Spider-Man, we knew that the company was scrambling to figure out what to do with the web-slinging hero. After talks with Marvel for a potential crossover with the character fizzled, it seemed as though Sony was focusing their energies on Spidey spin-offs and putting plans for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3' on hold, perhaps indefinitely. But according to a new casting call, it looks like Sony might be moving ahead with the third installment in the underwhelming franchise after all.

Last we heard, Sony was more concerned with Spider-Man spin-off films, like an all-female project operating under the title ‘Glass Ceiling,’ as well as ‘Sinister Six’ and the ‘Venom’ movie. It was understandable, given the underwhelming response to ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ that the company would hold off on making another sequel until they figured out just what the hell they should do with Spidey. Leaked e-mails indicated that the role might be recast and a Marvel crossover was possible, but those talks apparently fell apart early on.

In a new casting call from Bill Beckman Casting (via Blastr), Sony is looking for “male and female extras of all races and ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 65" for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3,’ which—according to the call—is scheduled for release in 2016. Sony planned to release ‘Sinister Six’ in 2016, so if this casting call is accurate, they could very well be shifting their release schedule around, delaying ‘Sinister Six’ and replacing it with ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3.’

The other possibilities are that the casting company has wrongly labeled ‘Sinister Six’ as a third ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ movie, or that Sony has the ‘Sinister Six’ production operating under that title. Now that this casting call has been uncovered, we’ll hopefully get some clarification on the matter soon. Following two ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ films that were derided by critics and even left many fans feeling divisive, Sony really needs to figure out the future of Spider-Man, and the answer isn’t making several spin-offs while they sort it out.

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