Looks like there will be another Nick's Fight Club opening up very soon here in Amarillo!

Steve Nicholson's vision all started in his garage by having a place for people to workout, feel motivated, and lose weight. His vision then was moved to a garage behind the sonic off Ross st. The dream from there was moved to a bran new facility off of SE 23rd st. Nick's Fight Club is not just your average place to workout.

Thousands of people are drawn to Nick's Fight Club because of how they make every individual feel when they walk through the front doors. Their system there works and they have results. Many people have shared their story on how much weight they have lost by going to Nick's Fight Club. Each trainer at Nick's are trained to focus on every individual to reach their goals! From the weight-lifting, unique cardio drills, boxing circuits, and even the music be played will get you where you wanna be at with your health and weight. I highly recommend trying out Nick's Fight Club your first time there is always free.

Coming soon Nicks Fight Club 2 will be open with another location located off 34th & Bell across from the Kiss Fm studios. Check out their Facebook or call them at (806) 322-1574 for more information.

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