I'll admit summer around here has been a little strange, it's been cooler and wetter for the most part, and even when it's been hot it's been muggy. I don't mind that so much after all that's part of life in Texas, Sweltering heat is the norm here. Don't like it? give it a few minutes and it might just change on you

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One thing all this cool moisture has done has made the bug population here go crazy and sure enough when the grass is a little higher at my apartment I've noticed one thing, There's plenty of mosquitos around here and not enough spray to keep the little blood sipping buggers away.

Fingers Holding Dead Mosquito

Remember the freeze back in February? Yeah. That did nothing... you need to freeze em before they lay eggs... but its not just these little tur.... pests that survived and thrived....

Fleas and Ticks have been on the rise too

The mite bites a reddish dog

Yep. Our pets have been suffering too. not so much because of the mosquitos but because the same conditions that mosquitos love also happen to be great for fleas and ticks and other wonderful biting bugs. While they don't spread Distemper which has been going around, fleas and ticks can introduce various types of worms and in cats FIV which ultimately may lead to feline AIDS.

I understand that every creature big and small serves it's purpose in the grand scheme of things. But anything that crawls, flies, bites and wants my blood deserves to die a horrid death. There are plenty of simple steps you can take like keeping your yard trimmed, making sure no standing water is around to provide a breeding ground when it comes to mosquitoes, for fleas and ticks you also need to make sure that it's not just the animal that gets treated but everything the animal comes into contact with, like bedding, carpeting and so on.

We'll get through this... but for now... if you see some crazy guy at the store loading up on cutter spray....

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