Every time we flip on the local news it seems another crime has been committed in Amarillo.

Over half of Amarillo residents surveyed say crime is increasing, while just 13 percent say it is decreasing, according to a new survey out from the Amarillo Police Department.

In the APD’s annual Citizen Survey of Police Services, 59 percent of Amarilloans surveyed say crime is increasing in Amarillo, with about 11 percent saying crime is “significantly increasing.” 13 percent of Amarilloans surveyed said crime is decreasing, while 28 percent said crime is stable in Amarillo. The number is a slight drop from last year, when 60 percent of those surveyed said crime was increasing in Amarillo.

Also, in another major takeaway from the survey, 60 percent of Amarillo residents surveyed said the APD service is “Excellent” or “Above Average.” At the same time, 16 percent of respondents said APD service is “Below Average” or “Poor.”

For information on the full report click here.


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