It happens year after year, summer hits and the clothing comes off.  This year, I have noticed that young girls are wearing way less clothing and far more makeup.  Fashion or inappropriate?  You decide.

I don't have any daughters, so I don't have to deal with the 'appropriate' clothing battles.  But I have noticed that young girls are wearing clothing to appear more grown up.

As a matter of fact, this past weekend we took my son to the pool and I noticed a little girl that was around five or six years old wearing a string bikini. The top was so tiny and the bottom wasn't a thong, but did show a little cheek.  I couldn't not believe it.  My first thought was, "why would her mom allow her to wear that."


After my initial shock, I realized that it is society's fault.  This is clothing that is put out on store racks.  People buy it so it continues to be sold.  Designers make clothing that will sell and this sells.

Celebrities, models and fashion are the biggest influences on our children.  If their favorite Disney star starts to dress provocative and flaunt her body, then it is likely that the young girls that looked up to her will want to do the same.


Television shows, even cartoons, depict young girls dressing too grown up for their age.  We see it on billboards, in magazines, and all over social media.  Booty shorts, push up swim suits, and shirts with inappropriate messages can be found in most department stores.

Should girls wear make-up, high heels, and halter tops?  It isn't for me to decide.  But as a mom, I know that I would do everything in my power to keep my kids their age for as long as possible.  There will be time for all that later.  The important thing is for them to enjoy their childhood because it will be the shortest time of their life.

I want my kids to have fun, play, and not worry about what society thinks.  Kids should be kids.  What do you think of this fashion craze?


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