Tomorrow is Halloween and a lot of people like to be scared this time of year. Are you one of them?

We go to haunted houses and watch horror movies. This is that time of year for a scare. So you may be interested in trying this. The claim is that this sandwich will give you nightmares if eaten before bed!

Through tomorrow (or while supplies last) Burger King is offering the Nightmare King. They are only serving it at selected Burger Kings and I happened to be driving yesterday to a work event when I passed the BK on Amarillo Boulevard and happened to see the poster for it.

I knew what I was having for dinner. I had no idea what all was going to be on the burger. So the real nightmare started when I was waiting in line, after ordering, and reading what I was about to eat!

Basically it has a green bun to start it all off. Yes, a green bun! There is a hamburger patty, a crispy chicken breast, bacon, onion, cheese and mayo. I couldn't help but think that the real nightmare was how many calories I was about to consume.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I took the burger home and it tasted basically how you think it would. No surprises here. The green bun had no unusual taste to it. The thing I loved the most is that I really love the color green.

So next came the test. I was getting ready to go to bed. Will I have nightmares like the claim? If I do I am cool with that. I mean I opted to eat this burger. Is it something in the bun that would cause them? How about the just over 1,000 calories I consumed before bed? I feel that would be the biggest reason.

So as I woke up this morning I wouldn't say I had nightmares. I did have very active dreams. I had dreams about work.

My dreams were about some projects that we used to do.....and were no longer active projects. Our management wanted to know why we stopped.

I would say that not having that answer did actually freak me out a bit. As I was scrambling in my brain to come up with an answer and actually realizing I was dreaming and I might want to get to work today and kick those projects in to gear again. You know to avoid this ummmmm.....nightmare.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


I am glad I tried this sandwich at least once during this Halloween season. How about you? Are you up to the challenge?