Over the years I have heard of several stupid things that kids to do get drunk or high, but this takes the cake. Recently, kids have been drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk.

It seems that kids today will try anything to get a buzz.  Heck, I'd even go as far as saying they are getting more and more creative in their endeavors.  Over the past couple years I've seen and heard things that make me say 'what?'

Everything from vodka eyeballing to soaking gummy bears in vodka to using tampons soaked in vodka.  Insane!  Well if you think that is crazy, how about drinking hand sanitizer?

Last week, six kids in California were rushed to the emergency room for drinking hand sanitizer.  A few squirts and the kids are drunk.  Experts are saying that hand sanitizer is 120 proof compared to vodka being 80 proof.  That is a big difference.

A couple squirts equals a couple shots of hard liquor.  Kids are even breaking the sanitizer and alcohol up with salt.  Now I am no chemist, but for kids to figure stuff like this out they have to have some brains.  Can you imagine if they used this knowledge to better themselves instead of getting drunk?

Doctors are saying that some of the short term effects are slurred speech, unresponsiveness, and they could even slip into a coma state.  Long term side effects could be worse.

I don't understand this fad at all.  I have accidentally tasted hand sanitizer and it taste horrible.  I could never imagine drinking it.  Maybe if I was a serious alcoholic that lives for alcohol but even then it sounds horrible.

Kids are doing this and parents have no clue.  Experts are suggesting that if you have kids in your home, purchase the foaming sanitizer.  And it is always a good idea to talk to your kids and find out what is going on in their lives.

Do you know someone who has ever tried this?

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