I've had the same nightmare over and over again for the last 10 years. My teeth are falling out, and I'm either at work or in a public setting. I completely panic. In my dream, I'm just spitting my teeth into my hands or pulling them out with my fingers because they are broken and loose.

I always feel a tremendous sense of relief when I wake up and all of my teeth are still in their place. I've read that dreams about your teeth can be stress-related, and I've always just assumed that was the cause. I've learned to live with it.

I asked you guys to share your reoccurring nightmares with me and now I'm just happy mine is only my teeth falling out. Other people have it much worse. Here are 13 terrifying reoccurring nightmares submitted by FMX Fans.


1. "I don’t remember a ton of my dreams but the ones I do remember always end up in a slow-motion, violent, and gory death for someone. The last one I remember was me being in a car crash and flying through a windshield and I could see all the little bits of glass entering my skin and it essentially peeled my face off. Good times." - Gray Spencer

2. "Survival stress dreams where I don’t have enough time to pack the necessities I need to bug out or stress dreams around my job and patients, not being able to save certain ones or the ones we lost." - Alice Charney

3. " Spiders. My dreams are a bit of a litmus test for my stress and mood levels. When the spiders start showing up I know I’ve got to decompress and address my stress levels." - Rosa Awad

4. " For the longest time, I've had dreams where I'm outside late at night and in the sky I can see multiple moons or I can see other large planets. And in every one of those dreams there is always a moon or planet that just explodes or multiple moons exploding." - Paul Rodriguez

5. "I’m walking down a red dirt road. Turn rows trace the road down either side into the distance. Nothing in sight. The road is clear. I nearly step on a coiled rattlesnake. As I leap away, it strikes, and I nearly step on another. And another. And another. And another, until they’re everywhere, writhing and snapping. Wake up sweating balls. Stress. Every time." - Courtney Headley

6. "A few times a year I dream that I’ve forgotten I’m enrolled in class and have to scramble to study for a test/final after missing an entire semester’s worth of attendance. It’s the WORST." - Hannah Porter Ducas

7. "Hate the jail dream. Gotta wake up to escape." - Wesley Brazil

8. "It’s my 8th birthday and I live above Halls (it’s a department store, like Beall’s I guess?).. and I asked my mom for an Olympic Barbie. Anyway, the entire town starts knocking on our door and delivering me the same Barbie. Then I turn on the tv and they’re broadcasting my bday wish. And I am not happy about it AT ALL, but they won’t stop coming." - Aushni Mayer

9. "I still have this radio dream/nightmare even though I've not been on the radio for quite some time. Before computers held all the music, we actually used CDs and before that vinyl. The song playing on the air is almost over and I cannot find the next song/disc I need to get loaded up. I look at my playlist and can't find the one after that, or the one after that. As I hear the song on the air coming to the end and I am panicked and pissed off about not being able to find something to get on the air, that's when I wake up. All of the radio old timers will admit to being afraid of the dreaded "dead air" happening and some pain-in-the-ass Program Director (Wes) who will hear it." - Michael X-Ray Corbin

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10. "Just myself sitting in an all-white room. With only 2 chairs in it. Myself staring at myself. Narcissistic maybe, but it's terrifying because it's not a mirror image. It's like looking at myself but not me at the same time." - Adam Morris

11. "I used to have this dream where I was on my mother's lap in the front seat of the old family station wagon. (It was black with a bright red fake leather interior) It is a very dark night. My dad is driving and my parents are whispering about something but I am not sure what it is about. They seem worried. My mom searches for something in the glove box at one point. Out of the darkness, a big yellow building appears. That is the end of the dream. A few years ago I was telling my mom and other relatives about the dream and found it was a memory. I had a high fever as a toddler and was brought to the hospital. I think was two." - Luke E. Andrews

12. "I repeatedly dream that I'm in a huge house with tons of bathrooms and they are all out of order. Either full of poop or being remodeled with no toilet. Also, I still have nightmares about my former job." - Kimmi Ramone

13. "I'm back on the Cheesecake Factory brunch shift." - Becca Boo

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