Oh yeah, you read that right!  23 year old Deangelo Rashard Marshall was sitting in the back seat of a cop car in Charelston, SC with his little brother, 20 year old Wayne Mitchell.  Deangelo knew the worst was coming, but it was going to get even worse if he didn't get the drugs out of his, ahem, butt.  So, he convinced his little brother to bite the bullet so to speak.  Mitchell ingested the drugs that were tucked away in Marshall's rectum.

So far, it all sounds like good fun if your into that sort of thing!  Then, Mitchell died from an overdose!  (RawStory)

The in-car police video showed Deangelo pleading with his younger brother to eat the drugs so that he could avoid a life-long prison sentence. His young brother eventually agreed, and died of a drug overdose shortly afterwards.

Deangelo bonded out of jail on the drug charge, but police have decided to push for an involuntary manslaughter charge and are currently looking for the butt bandit.

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