Brace yourself, Mahomies: Your dreams of dating Austin Mahone are about to get a bit more concrete!

The singer, who thankfully is back in action after just being released from the hospital, has described his perfect date -- and we've got the details.

The 17-year-old shows an old-fashioned side with many of his choices for the evening, but he's still a teenager, so he's going to sleep in! "I have to get a good rest before a big date, so I'd sleep in until about noon that day," he tells BOP! magazine. "Then, we'll go to lunch at Panera. I'll get a ham sandwich with American cheese, toasted, a side of macaroni and a green tea."

Gotta love a guy who knows what he wants! And he clearly knows what we want, too, as his next item on the date's agenda shows: "I'd take you shopping, and buy you some nice clothes."

With food and shopping out of the way, it's time for romance and a "nice sunset walk on the beach right before the sun goes down," he says. He'd end the night watching a movie at his date's house -- and here comes the best part: "I'd give you a kiss before I leave, then text you tomorrow to tell you how awesome you are," he says.

Awesome, Austin!

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