Poor Austin Mahone. The singer, 17, was rushed to the hospital this morning (Oct. 17).

Mahone shared a photo while in the sick ward, complete with the standard issue hospital gown, on his Instagram. He looked pretty sickly and miserable, with an IV next to him. Aw! Look at the poor kid's face. He posted that he never felt so bad and we feel bad for him.

Mahone tweeted that he contracted a bad case of the flu and was hit with a 103-degree fever. That's dangerous and really knocks the crap out of you.

Honestly, Mahone needs to take a second and get better.

Sadly, the singer has had to postpone the first few dates of his tour, as well, which he is not happy about. But his health has to come first.

PopCrush sends out love out to Austin Mahone! Get better soon, kiddo! Mahomies, make sure you send your best wishes and love out to the singer, too. That'll make him feel better.

Below are his tweets and his photo from the hospital. Hey, Austin, here's a digital hug from your pals at PopCrush.

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