Austin Mahone has often been compared to Justin Bieber, but he might have a little more in common with the Biebs than we even thought: Both haven't had the best of luck behind the wheel!

The 17-year-old took to Twitter yesterday (Sept. 4) to inform fans that he failed his driving test -- not once, but TWICE, in the SAME day! Justin, 19, has had his license for a while, but let's just say he has had some issues when it comes to motor vehicles.

Austin had great news for the millions of Mahomies following him on Twitter today (Sept. 5), though -- he passed the test on his third try in two days!

Adorable, right? Well, Austin's exam did not go well, unfortunately.


(He has to be kidding about singing during the test -- right?!) Some surprising good news kept Mahone's roller coaster of a day rolling on, though:

Congrats, Austin! Drive safely!

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