It's that time of day when a quick break will do you good.  Enjoy this 53 second break of David Calvo, master juggler and Rubik's cube solver.

It's a scientific fact that a quick 10 minute break during your work day will refresh your brain and increase your productivity.  I came across this awesome video and thought it was really awesome.  David Calvo is obviously very talented.

I once tried to solve a Rubik's cube and failed miserably.  It was worse that when I started. Imagine not only solving the cube, but doing it while juggling.   That is exactly what Calvo does.  Check it out below.

Now that you have had a second to watch this awesome video, what can you do that would amaze people?  Everyone's got a hidden talent and what better time to show it off than at work?  Talents like playing paper triangle football or sculpting action figures out of paperclips?

My hidden talent is yet to be determined, but I am consistently looking!

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