Growing up, I would look forward to joining my grandma as we hit up the different garage sales.   We were on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind antique or the thing we couldn't live without.

The thing is, most people don't have garage sales year round. Don't get me wrong, I've driven by the houses having a garage sale in February and wondered "what the heck are they doing?", and keep on driving. If it's too cold, I'm stayin' under the covers.

The 5 main things that I look for at garage sales are antiques, old comics, furniture, knives, and fishing gear.

#1. Fishing Gear

For me, fishing gear is a golden find when out shopping at garage sales. Normally, you can find some great stuff that people are getting rid of due to the fact that many people buy new gear in early spring. This leaves them with tackle boxes, rods and reels, lures and all kinds of goodies just waiting for me to scoop them up.

#2. Knives

Sometimes the best place to come across old pocket knifes is at a garage sale. You've heard the saying, "They don't make em' like they used to", well it's true. That's why I always look for these gems when browsing a garage sale.


 #3. Antiques

The thing with antiques is, unless you are very skilled, you never know what you're gonna get. You might head home with an antique that fits perfect in your home, and that's about it. While, sometimes you might take something home that you really like and it ends up being worth a nice chunk of change. You gotta love the mystery!


 #4. Old Comics And Toys

I always flip through any old comics or toys just to see if there might be an old school transformer or star wars figure in there. You never know and even out of the box those can be worth a pretty penny. An older couple cleaning out there attic can make a big score for a collector.


#5. Furniture

Garage sales are a great place to come across furniture. Sometime you have people selling their old furniture after purchasing new stuff, or you might have someone who bought a storage locker (like on Storage Wars) and selling the contents. Either way, you can come across some really cool stuff!


These are just a few awesome things that you will be able to find at Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale.  So mark your calendars for March 18th and 19th, in the North Exhibit Hall of the Amarillo Civic Center!  Hundred's of garage sales under one weather proof roof!