It's that time of year when people are getting out more and more and hitting up their fishing holes.

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Fishing is a great pastime and sport.  However, if you happen to be bass fishing keep an eye out for strange marks on your catches.

Researchers for the Texas Parks and Wildlife are collecting data on hyperpigmentation/melanosis on bass.  The proper term is called Blotchy Bass Syndrome.  And, here I thought I was the only one fighting blotchy skin.    This occurs on freshwater bass with the virus.

If you pull a bass out of the water and you see ink-like spots.  The TPWD wants you to take a picture of the fish and send it to Cynthia,

Not to worry, they haven't seen any indication that humans or pets have contracted the virus.  If these fish are in good condition, you can safely handle them and eat them if you cook them properly.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are wanting to learn more about this virus and how it is affecting the bass population, and where around Texas the virus is occurring.

Don't put your fishing on hold, you can still grab your line, grab your pole, worms, lures and go fishing in your favorite fishing hole, lake, or river.

I personally find fishing relaxing, and it has been way too long since I've dropped a line in the water.

We have great lakes and ponds in our area to get your fishing on.

Just keep your eyes open for these weird little spots on your bass and be a part of the research.

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