The bachelor party in ‘The Hangover’ was positively delightful compared to a recent bash in Britain.

A man on the other side of the pond came down with shingles after he was kidnapped by his friends as part of a prank for his bachelor party.

Ollie McAninch was driving with his fiancée (who was in on the gag) when a group of men in ski masks cut them off and abducted him.

They tied him up, put him in the back of a van and drove about 100 miles over a two-hour period before letting him in on the joke.

McAninch was then ordered to take off all his clothes, put on a "mankini" and hop on a motorcycle, which he rode 10 miles to the actual bachelor party.

While the prank was executed to near perfection, there was one serious problem: the events freaked out McAninch so much that he ended up contracting shingles and nearly missed his own wedding. He had to keep away from his fiancée for nearly a month while he recovered.

In the end, the wedding took place as planned and McAninch has vowed "future vengeance."

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