I love to cook, however, the whole shopping, planning, and lugging groceries is such a drag. Not to mention cleaning up after creating a disaster in the kitchen.

No Thanks.

Amarillo has a seemingly endless option of dining spots with a wide variety to please any palette, including my picky taste. I don’t usually eat much for breakfast, fruit or a bagel and coffee. Lunch and dinner is always out on the town.

My lunch choices are usually near the radio station because I have limited time and need to make it quick. Dinner, however, is much more leisurely. I have been to many different eateries in Amarillo and have made my self a regular at some. I don’t usually order the same thing when I’m out, I like to change it up.

Credit: Danny Wright
Credit: Danny Wright

I’m not an esteemed food critic, but I have so much experience dining out I suppose I have the qualification to be a semi pro-foodie. Starting next week, I’ll be starting a video blog of a different local restaurant reviewing all aspects of my experience.

Fair and square. If you know a great place you’d like me to visit please let me know by dropping me a note here

My Tummies a-rumbling so I’ll stop these mumblings and LET'S EAT!

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