Owning a home is a smart decision. Having something you come home to everyday that is yours is a smart decision. You can make all the changes you want without have to consult a landlord.

You basically have free range for the most part. There are some things you can do to your home to make sure you are a smart homeowner. Most of these ideas don't really cost a whole lot but can pay off.

First security is a big deal. You want to feel safe in your home. One of the things that have helped me feel this way is having a home security system. They aren't really all that expensive. The peace of mind is worth it though. You can turn on and off the system from your phone these days. It's nice. If you have someone who comes to your home to clean or to do work on your house you can even set up a temporary code. This way you know when they enter and leave. Your house is protected.

I also have light bulbs outside my home that are motion activated. So if someone comes to my door they turn on. This is another deterrent for bad people. The light startles them. If they didn't see the alarm system sign outside my home before they sure see it now that the lights all flicked on. That is another way I feel safe in my home.

Do you seem to get a lot of deliveries at your home? Do you worry that you have to rush home to grab packages off of your porch? The idea  that people come around and like to steal your Amazon packages just makes me angry. I found a low cost way to keep that from happening. I have a bench outside my front door that has an area to put packages under the lid.

This helps from keeping those packages from even being seen. Out of sight out of mind. I know that the packages are tucked safely away and out of harms way. I just leave a note on my mailbox to place all packages in the bench. Another way to outsmart those bad people.

You can do this same thing with planters. If you want to hide packages. You can make sure that those planters are positioned by your front door to give space for the deliveries to be left behind those and hidden.

With a little planning we can make our homes safer and we can be the smartest on our block.

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