A young Amarillo girl by the name of Autiana Solis is getting a little extra help today and tomorrow. That help comes in the form of day long car washes at Advanced Auto Parts on East Amarillo Blvd. (Friday) and Burger King on Ross (Saturday).

Autiana was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a terrible accident which left her in the Intensive Care Unit at BSA Hospital earlier this year. The damage to this sweet kid was extensive.

After multiple surgeries and great care from the BSA staff, Autiana was able to go home and is recovering nicely. Now she is scheduled for another surgery and the cost is substantial.

To help ensure that she gets all the help she can, we are posting this in order to try and help her mother raise money for this surgery. So, if your car is a little dirty or you just want to help, you can take part in one of the fundraiser car washing taking place today and tomorrow.

TODAY: Adanced Auto Parts On East Amarillo Blvd - All Day

TOMORROW: Burger King On Ross Across From T-Anchor Flea Market - All Day

Our best wishes to Autiana and her family.