One of the things I was absolutely spoiled with when it came to Austin was BBQ. It's the place I've hands down had the best BBQ I've ever had. Franklin BBQ, Salt Lick, Terry Black's. Those were the three go-to joints for me when I was craving it.

The family favorite is a good smoked brisket, and since I've been in Amarillo, I've been unable to find any that are as good as the ones I had in Austin. Now, I'm not saying Amarillo doesn't have any good BBQ, I just haven't found "the one" I guess you could say.

Turns out I'm in luck, and so are you especially if you're new-ish to the area like I am. Reddit has come through in the clutch once again for us. Someone had asked where the best brisket in town is, and there were some pretty solid recommendations that I believe I'll be trying out VERY soon.


This is the one that seems to be coming up the most. Numerous people have said they've got the best in town, and the brisket is said to be on point. It has over 1,700 Google reviews, and it checks in with a 4.7 out of 5 stars. That seems pretty solid to me with how many reviews have been done on it.


This is the only place that seemed to get mentioned as much as Tyler's. Located on Western St, the 800+ Google reviews of the joint tell me it's a place to put on the list. Not to mention the photos of their food I found. Perfect smoke rings on that brisket.


According to the user on Reddit who posted this, Wesley's is a hidden gem. I'd have to say I agree as this is the first time I've ever seen the name pop up anywhere. Tucked away on River Rd., Wesley's gets great reviews that rival Tyler's on Google. Sure, it's only over 300 reviews left, but there's that hidden gem aspect they were talking about.

Excuse me, I need to head out for some BBQ.

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