It was just a few days ago that the Amarillo, TX. area said goodbye to legendary Randall High School baseball coach Cory Hamilton after his team provided us with the run of a lifetime, falling just short of playing for a state championship.

That was already enough for the area, but now we have another incredible career we have to celebrate as another long-time, legendary coach is stepping away from his post.

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Palo Duro High School boys basketball head coach Jeff Evans has decided to step down from his post after 23 years of guiding the program to a lot of wins. Evans compiled an very impressive 546-156 record in his 23 years as head coach, and only one thing eluded him in his time here, and that was a state championship.

I know a lot of people measure the success of a coach at any level based on whether or not they can win a championship, but that isn't what defines Evans in the Amarillo area. He was a pillar of stability for the program. You knew Evans would be on that sideline as the boys went to battle, and you knew he would have them prepared for a win.

He was more than a coach, he was a mentor for these young boys and guided plenty of them to college with his knowledge and passion for the game.

So why is Evans calling it a day? Well, he's not retiring. He is chasing a dream himself, and that's to coach at the collegiate level. He's spoken to some friends he has at that level, and it's not a question of IF he will be in the college ranks next season, it's more of a question of where.

Best of luck in your future endeavors Coach Evans, and thank you for the 23 years you've given to the community!

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