Bobbi Kristina Brown has had an understandably difficult time dealing with the shocking and untimely death of her mother, Whitney Houston. Following Houston’s passing last month, Bobby Brown reportedly attempted to reach out to his daughter, but Bobbi Kristina and Houston’s family were said to be pushing him away.

Now, Bobbi Kristina is taking her alienation of her father to another level: She wants to change her name to just “Kristina Houston.”TMZ reports that Bobbi Kristina “can’t stand” her name because of its association with her father. The gossip site also says that Bobbi Kristina, who will appear in a special interview on Oprah’s OWN network tonight (March 11), has wanted to change her name ever since her parents split up. However, Houston wouldn’t allow it. Now that her mother isn’t there to oppose her decision, friends of Bobbi Kristina think she’ll take the plunge to become “Kristina Houston.”

Bobby Brown has been hesitant to approach Bobbi Kristina, especially in light of her recent troubles, because of the bad blood between him and Houston’s family. “Bobby Brown needs to physically go and get his daughter and take her to a remote location and let her mourn the loss of her mother away from prying eyes,” a source close to Brown said. “The problem is that Bobby is fearful of making more headlines, or upsetting Whitney’s family, but this is his daughter.”

While some may speculate that Bobbi Kristina’s recent bouts with substance abuse and emotional trauma may be playing a role in her choice, TMZ is quick to nix those suspicions, specifying, “Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a ‘better place’ than she’s been in a while.”

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