Just a few months after the tragic and shocking death of his son Bobby Brown Jr., singer Bobby Brown and his deceased sons mother are demanding justice.

According to Yahoo News, the Los Angeles County coroners office released their autopsy report this week and said that 28-year-old Brown Jr. who was found dead on Nov. 18, died from the combined effects of cocaine, alcohol and the opioid fentanyl.

Reports from witnesses on the night of his death said that Brown Jr. had drank tequila, snorted cocaine and used what was believed to have been oxycodone before his girlfriend found him unconscious on the bedroom floor of his Los Angeles home hours later.

In recent months, police and prosecutors have arrested drug dealers and charged them with being responsible for the deaths of users who they sold drugs laced with fentanyl to. With the news of Brown Jr. having the drug in his system, his parents are asking investigators to file criminal charges on whoever may have sold Brown Jr. the alleged spiked drugs.

Brown along with Jr.'s mother Kim Ward and their attorney released a statement demanding that prosecutors hold dealers accountable. Los Angeles County district attorney's spokesman Greg Risling said that police have presented prosecutors with a case related to the death and it is under review for possible charges.

We'll keep you updated and let's hope the Brown family, who have suffered more than enough tragedies, can find some justice.

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