This is very sad news but authorities confirmed that at least five to 15 people had died, shortly before 5 a.m they were still saying they did not have an official total. They have said they expect to find more bodies as they continue to search the area. West, Texas is a town of about 2,800 people some 80 miles south of Dallas. Two emergency personnel had been killed and also three to five firefighters, one police officer who have been reported as missing had died in the explosion.



What started out as a fire turned into a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant rocked the town of West, north of Waco, causing multiple injuries and leaving people trapped and buildings on fire. Firefighters were reported among those injured during the explosion, which occurred before 8 p.m. at West Fertilizer Inc. Hundreds of people were likely injured in a fiery explosion.

As of right now nearly 200 people have been injured and 40 are in critical condition. Large majority of people injured were the first responders. 6 blocks were affected by the explosion which includes 170 homes and businesses and 1 nursing home.

They have setup a no fly-zone are and are urging people to stay out of the area for uncertainty that another explosion could go off. If you know someone in the Waco area and can't get a hold of them call 1-254-202-1100 for more information.

We will keep you guys updated and please keep West, Texas in your prayers tonight!


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