On the not always reliable website, Before It's News, there's an article stating the possibility of a never before seen, massive object, and it's heading towards Earth!  I would immediately discredit this article, because the website isn't exactly "reliable", but the object was caught on NASA's Stereo Behind HI-2 Camera and it is truly an amazing discovery.  Is Doomsday inevitable?

In the above video, the commentator does a time lapse showing this object moving through our solar system, and predicts that when it reaches our area it might come pretty close to us!

If you watch the video, you can see a tail on the object, meaning probably not your average space debris, but a comet.

Before It's News:

A massive object with a tail appears to be moving toward earth at a rapid rate. “This does not look like the typical Sun Grazer coming in as it is in a very different path” states the maker of the video.

This object has been captured by NASA equipment over the last several weeks.

NASA has made recent announcements about the object, and they are down-playing the possibility of this being any type of "doomsday event".  In the coming days, as it nears us, we'll get a better idea of what exactly it is, and where it will end up.

Either way, tell your friends and family that you love them, you know, just in case!


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