In the sport of mixed martial arts, two fighters enter the combat arena and, barring a draw or disqualification, one emerges the victor by knockout, submission or decision.  During a recent event in Kentucky, no one told “the cage” that this is how the match is supposed to play out.

Lightweights (155 lbs, not a comment on their ability to drink) Brandon Bishop and Braedon Ward entered the six-sided battlefield at ‘Hardcore MMA 43′ with hopes of improving their professional records.  Instead, at around the 1:32 mark, the cage door gave out during a takedown attempt and both fighters fell onto the concrete floor.  Watch the action unfold.

The fight was stopped, since both men were visibly shaken up, but it is reported that they were both awarded their win bonuses.

In related news, the actual cage was awarded ‘Knockout Of The Night’ honors and was immediately tested for performance enhancing substances.