I just can't believe those numbers. I started walking helping my friend train for her 3 Day for the Cure Walk, for Susan G Komen earlier this year. We trained for six months. We walked a lot around Amarillo.

You could usually find us walking in our bright pink around Amarillo on Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays.

We Walked How Many Miles?

I know those numbers add up. Oh, but how fast they did. In that six months we walked over 350 miles. Her actual walk in San Diego is November19th - 21st. She will be walking 60 miles in those three days.

You can donate to help her cause HERE.

How did those miles add up? Because of course they do.

Final Numbers

We count a lot of things while we are walking around Amarillo. Having something like that to do helps to break up the time. We count how many people honk at us, wave at us, we count Slugbugs. A couple years ago I noticed we have a lot of Dodge Calibers around town. So I suggested we started to count those too. That was one of my favorite cars I owned years ago.

  • 367.77 Total Miles Walked
  • 106 Total Honks
  • 467 Total Waves
  • 179 Slug Bugs
  • 114 Dodge Calibers
  • $46.37 Total Money Found

These are the Miles we Put on our Shoes

We Put on Some Miles This Year Around Amarillo

We end up walking a lot of miles all over Amarillo to train for the 3 Day Susan G Komen walk.

The Weird Things You Find All Over Amarillo if You Take a Walk

Why do we leave so many things behind? I really don't know.


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