Cardi B may have just celebrated her daughter Kulture's first birthday in July, but that doesn't mean she's not already thinking about baby number two.

The "YES" rapper must enjoy being a mom, because she's ready to further expand her family with husband Offset. During an Instagram Live video on Monday (September 16), Cardi let fans know that she was working on a sophomore album and had plans to tour. In the midst of detailing her professional endeavors, she also threw in that she wanted to have another kid.

"My plan is to take a couple of months working on my album. And right after I finish my album, I'm going to rehearse for tour. I'm already working on a tour deal," she said. "After my tour, I want to have a kid. I wanna have another kid. And I'm really planning to do all of that in less than a year."

Considering it takes nine months to grow a baby, she better start moving quick! But regardless of the timeframe, we're excited to get new music, a tour and a mini-Cardi or -Offset in the near future!

She begins discussing her big plans around the 3:45 mark. Watch the full video below.

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