The Texas state wide average gas price falls again this week, down by 7 cents per gallon.  Good news locally, we have the cheapest average gas price in the entire state!

In Amarillo, the average price at the pump is down to $3.46 per gallon, but that's just the average, there's plenty of places here to find gas way cheaper than the average.

United Express at 201 NE 23rd has gas at $3.33 per gallon, as well as Murphy's USA at 1707 NE 23rd.

Sam's Club on Ross has gas at $3.36 per gallon.

The Shell station at 1917 Bell is at $3.37 a gallon as well as the Phillips 66 station at 302 N 15th.

The highest state wide average is in El Paso at $3.73 a gallon, while the nationwide average is at $3.74 a gallon.

So Texas gas prices as a whole are actually not to bad, luckily, Amarillo has prices that are 40 cents cheaper than what most people are paying.

Not such a pain in the gas after all.

See more Amarillo gas prices here at Texas Gas Prices.

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