There were a few commercials during this year’s Super Bowl that provided a sexy break from a high quality game. (Thank you, Adriana.) However, if PETA got their way, the big game would have probably featured a lot more alluring women strutting what the good lord done give ‘em.

Every year, the animal rights group submits a commercial to run during the Super Bowl,  and every year it is rejected on the grounds of being ‘too racy.’ But don’t cry for PETA. The controversy surrounding these rejection draws plenty of eyes to the spots on sites like YouTube.

We have to say this year’s rejected ad — which features Girls Gone Wild-style vixens lifting their shirts to reveal cow utters instead of the mammaries that we know and love – is much more disturbing than sexy. That was probably the point. Watch and judge for yourselves.

Thankfully PETA’s previous ads, which also never made it to the big game, show skin in a far more palatable fashion. Check them out below to erase the bad images.

[via PETA]

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