There is no question about it, when PETA hears something they don't like, they are all over it.  Well Dr. Dre and Oscar de la Renta are feeling the wrath right now. 

Dr. Dre has already mastered the studio by creating and producing some of the best music.  Now he wants you to hear it perfectly, that's why he created Beats by Dre. These headphones are top of the line.

Now Dre wants you to be stylish in your headphones.  He teamed up with Oscar de la Renta to put out a limited edition line of Beats by Dre, covered in fox fur.  Yes real fox fur.  According to de la Renta website, it is Luxe Silver Fox fur.    These headphones will cost a pretty penny starting out at $695.

Of course when PETA heard this, they immediately responded with a letter.  They are asking Dre to “keep fur and exotic-animal skins out of your Beats by Dre designs.”

The letter is lengthy and detailed about the killing of the animals.  If interested you can read it here.

There has been no response from Dre or his camp.

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