So now that the holidays are here the days get shorter, the leaves turns colors and the weather is colder. Yes Ladies and Gents Christmas is right around the corner. Some people love it and others can't wait till its over. When I think of Christmas I think of snow, family, Christmas tree and of course Christmas music. I look forward every year to hearing "Feliz Navidad" or "Silent Night". I think this year I'm really looking forward to see what artist comes out with some of there own Christmas songs. Last years Lady Gaga's "Christmas Tree" song had me dancing and singing it around the Kiss studios!

So who's gonna come out with the best Christmas song this year? Well my vote goes to Justin Bieber's "Misletoe" song . Don't be surprised if you see me around singing the mistletoe song.


So my question to you is would you like to hear Christmas music on Kiss Fm? What is your favorite Christmas Song?

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