Not even 48 hours after Halloween I'm hearing commercials about Christmas specials, I walk into departments stores that have isles already setup with Christmas ornaments, trees, and etc. What happened to Thanksgiving?

Did we skip it and people are just focused on Christmas now. Usually the day after Thanksgiving is when radio-stations start rolling out the Christmas music. Does this mean we will start hearing Christmas music on the radio? So we took it to our Cricket text-line and Facebook and asked "Are You Ready For Christmas Music?" We encouraged our listeners to vote for an hour to see if they wanted Christmas music or not. After counting all the votes we had 163 listeners say yes to Christmas  and 157 people said no to Christmas music. The bet between me and Angel was if we had more yes votes I would play a Christmas song on the morning show. She won the bet and I played Rocking Around The Christmas this morning. We probably could say we were the first radio-station to play Christmas music on the air-waves! Take our poll below.

Do you want to hear Christmas music now or no?

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