The City of Amarillo announced yesterday that they will be closing Thompson Park Pool permanently.  The reason for the closure is the safety of the citizens that use the pool.

The City of Amarillo said that they are closing the pool due to structural issues that make it unsafe.

Inspections of the pool facility identified widespread deterioration of concrete and reinforcing steel in the pool’s structure. In addition, there is evidence of corrosion in the metals within the pool walls and floors. The corrosion of embedded materials creates the potential for an electrical shock hazard. There are also numerous leaks throughout the pool facility. The pool loses approximately 300,000 gallons of water a month during the swim season.

The Thompson Park pool was opened in 1931 and is the oldest swimming pool in Amarillo.  Over the course of its life time the pool has seen many renovations.  The pool had a $300,000 renovation project in 1986 and a $434,949 renovation project in 2003.The pool had a $300,000 renovation project in 1986 and a $434,949 renovation project in 2003.

This decision is entirely based on the issue of public safety. Thompson Pool has been in existence for 87 years, and the pool has become unsafe,” said Michael Kashuba, City of Amarillo Director of Parks and Recreation. “It is no longer feasible or possible to repair or renovate the pool while also maintaining standards of public safety. We have initiated an asset management plan for the entire Parks and Recreation Department. Once this plan is complete, we will have a better understanding of the current state of department assets, and we will be able to plan the budget and resources accordingly.

It doesn't look like the City of Amarillo has any plans to build a new pool in its place in the park.  The City of Amarillo still operates three other pools, Southeast Pool, Southwest Pool, and the Warford Activity Center Pool.  The City maintains 15 different splash pads throughout Amarillo.


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