A mom and her son from Clovis, New Mexico, have been getting a lot of backlash because of their, well, close situation.

What I mean by close, is that they are dating and have gone public with it. The town of Clovis is not okay with the relationship between the mother and her son. The mother says she is getting bullied by her peers. She also says she loves him and will continue to love him as more than her son. The family has gotten into scuffles with neighbors because of this situation and they think what the two are doing is incest. Mother, 36, and her son, 19, fell in love when they met last year after she gave him up for adoption as a baby. The mother and son said they'll go to JAIL to defend their relationship!

While incest laws are different from state to state, it is illegal to marry immediate family. The penalty of a mother-son relationship in New Mexico is up to 3 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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