So did Amy Schumer pose nude?  The short answer is YES!  The beautiful blond comedian admitted on the Howard Stern radio show that she stripped down for Cosmopolitan magazine

She was promoting her new movie with Steve Carrell, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and you know how Howard is.  The dude has this way about getting girls to either take their clothes off or talk about taking their clothes off.  I'm actually shocked that she didn't just rip her clothes off right there!  Have you seen this girl perform before?  She's pretty freaking raunchy! This is the same girl that almost made Steve-O cry on the Roast of Charlie Sheen!

Now if your thinking your going to just hit the internet and gaze upon her netherlands and her humps her humps her humps, her lovely lady lumps.  Well your not sorry to disappoint.  The best your going to get is that screen shot you see up there at the top.  None the less, to see all 3 photos from the magazine, you can click here.  It's safe for work, but I want you to understand KISS-FM does not in any way condone this.  We're just reporting the news, your the pervs actually searching for it :)

With all that being said, she's funny, probably an up and comer and if she's smart, will milk this thing for all it's worth!