Lately we've seen a lot of different projects being built around Amarillo. Some of those projects have been confirmed as to what they are, some are still keeping us in the dark so they can surprise us.

A few of the projects are a bit behind schedule, such as the Market Street going in off Coulter & Loop 335, and some are ahead of schedule, like the Buc-ee's. Several others are getting set to open like the new Sticky Chikky off Soncy.

If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed there's a little movement yet again in the city. This time, it's over off of Bell & the loop. The movement is next to the Pak-A-Sak over there, but there are no signs or anything indicating what it is.

Immediately, the rumor mill began. Another coffee shop, a Toot'n Totum to compete with Pak-A-Sak, and another fast food restaurant were ones that promptly popped up as contenders, and they're all good guesses.

I only say that because it seems that's predominantly what pops up these days. The only guess missing is a storage unit place, because those have become quite popular as well around the city.

Regardless of what is going in there, this is a good sign for Amarillo. In a time when a lot of places are closing or trying to sell out to new owners, new construction in the area means someone sees opportunity and growth.

Amarillo for the most part hasn't seen TOO many places shut their doors due to the economy, especially compared to other cities just in Texas let alone the country. No matter what is being built, it bodes well for Amarillo coming out on the other side smelling like roses.

So hey, bring on another coffee shop, I can live with it.

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