I'm not the biggest golf fan in the world, I do a little par 3 over at the Preston West Golf Course every now and then, but that's because it's rather short, every hole is within walking distance, and you don't need a golf cart to play all 18 holes.  That's the problem with playing big and extremely nice golf courses, having to rent a golf cart!  Well this new hovercraft golf cart is making me wanna hit a huge golf course, not to play golf, to play around on the coolest golf cart ever made!  Bubba's Hover!

Golf carts were first introduced with electric motors in the 1930's, and aside from releasing gasoline powered golf cart, they've relatively stayed the same for the past 80+ years.  That's not like us humans?  Typically, we tend to upgrade our toys even if they don't need upgrading.

Well, a guy named Bubba Watson and the Oakley company set out to improve the concept of the traditional golf cart, take it to a new level, a new concept, and do away with the many limitations of golf carts.

The idea was to incorporate a hovercraft principle to the golf cart, essentially, riding on a cushion of air.

The pros?

The limitations of existing golf carts have been drastically reduced!  For example, you have to stay at least 30 yards from the "green".  When it's raining, you HAVE to stay on the golf cart path or your going to get stuck, basically, there was no fun in riding golf carts anymore.  The thrill had been long gone, and they're only used so keep people lazy.  Well, with the new Bubba's Hover golf cart, these limitations are gone!  You can even go through the water hazards and sand pits on golf courses!  And these new hover golf carts look incredibly futuristic!  They're putting the "F" for "fun" back into golf!  You'll probably want to spend more time riding around in your hovercraft golf cart than actually golfing!


The cons?

Maybe price, but aside from that, there are no cons, so stop looking for them.

Dying to know more?  Check out the video below!



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