If you've spent any amount of time on social media, at all, you're familiar with stories of creeps and predators in our area. The posts are everywhere. Recently, a friend of mine sent me a link to a YouTube channel based in Oklahoma that makes it their business to track down predators.

That got me wondering, how would we feel about people exposing predators in Amarillo?

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No, I'm Not Advocating For Vigilante Justice. Slow Your Roll.

I'm just wondering, with all of the stories we see posted on social media outlets, how we would feel about it as a community. Would it be a deterrent to creeps and predators if they knew somebody could potentially show up and plaster their face all over the web?

Heads up. This video has some NSFW language.

While it does seem heroic, there are those pesky concerns that pop up. For instance, what happens if a group like this doesn't do enough evidence gathering and just starts blasting people online?

The Oklahoma Based YouTube Channel Has Resulted In Arrests

You can check it out for yourself on their channel's page. The Oklahoma Predator Prevention INC page has posted when people they've exposed have been picked up on charges.

In fact, earlier this year someone OPP exposed was supposedly arrested in Texas after the story made it on the news.

I Could See How This Could Lead To Disaster

While it's great that OPP has been able to aid police in getting predators off the street, I wonder about the effect copycat channels could have. Someone chasing Internet fame and not gathering proper evidence could be disastrous.

OPP collects a ton of evidence. In a video posted on 9/11/22, they presented enough evidence to officers that they were able to make an arrest.

The comments on the various videos are full of people thanking OPP for what they do. It seems like they have a lot of people that aren't just fans, but are supporters of their work.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we need something like this?

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