If you're like me, you're not going to be waking up at 4am on Black Friday to go fight a crowd and "hope" that you get what you came for.  I'm not one of those "early bird gets the worm" kind of guys!  I'm more like the cat, I sleep in a little, wake up right as the birds are finishing up with catching the worms, and I go catch myself a bird!  So Cyber Monday is where I look for my deals.

When you're shopping online, it's pretty easy to think you're seeing a good deal, so you gotta really know that it's a good deal.  Don't just go hopping on the first thing you see, cyber shop around!  There's always a better deal out there!


Amazon is a great place to find deals like no other!  Especially when you check out their "daily deals" and "lightning deals", when you're buying in those 2 sections, you can feel pretty safe about your buy, knowing you are getting a great deal!

Cyber Monday 2012

Yeah, there's actually a website called Cyber Monday 2012!  Way to capitalize whoever you are that started that website!  Yet, the website does boast some truly amazing deals for everyone to take advantage of!  From 1/5ct diamond earrings for $40 shipped, to 3/4ct diamond earrings for $320!  Those are some steals there!  Great deals!  And it's not just jewelry, tablets from $269, and not crap either, good tablets!  That's just scratching the surface, if you really wanna see some deals, you gotta check out the website for yourself.


Target is going to be giving out deals and saving you some money on your Cyber Monday.  It looks like they'll have them running in all departments, and the best part is, no fighting the crowd!  Furniture, baby stuff, electronics, it will all be available for your Cyber Monday with Target!


Walmart is also going to be doing some incredible deals online.  From toys to tablets, iPods, gifts for him, gifts for her, and everything in between, you'll find it online at Walmart!  They've actually started doing deals already in their Pre-Black Friday Event, so you can start your online shopping now if you want to!

Cyber Monday Deals

To wrap up, I found a website that does the searching for you!  Cyber Monday Deals does some great research to help make your online shopping a little more convenient, so you're not sitting there with a million tabs open and getting lost in the pop-ups.  From Best Buy to Amazon, Sears to K-Mart, you'll find your Cyber Monday deals all listed on this 1 website!

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