We're praying for a happy ending to the story that hurt many hearts of the Texas Panhandle.  The baby that was found left in a dumpster in Dalhart, TX still lies in critical condition at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo. Dalhart Police continue the investigation, seeking to find anyone that was an accomplice to 21 year old mother, Shonnie Smalley in the horrific crime.

Smalley is the only one currently charged with any connection to the crime, she was arrested on charges of injury to a child and is now walking around free after posting a $50,000 bond, while the baby struggles for life at the hospital.  I think she's getting way to easy, attempted murder would be a more fitting charge for this crime.

“We are still looking. This is still an ongoing investigation,” Dalhart Police Chief Gary Sinclair said Monday. “There could be other people charged, there may not be anyone else charged. That depends on what we find out during the course of the investigation.”

The infant had spent an estimated four to six hours in the trash before he was discovered on July 12th.  He is expected to be in critical condition for a while.

Dalhart Police Chief, Gary Sinclair, says Smalley could in fact be charged with murder if the infant dies.

We're keeping the baby in our prayers, and praying justice is served to all that had a connection in putting this innocent child's life in extreme danger.


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