Earlier today, The Daily reported that ‘Chappelle’s Show’ funnyman Dave Chappelle was planning a return to TV after a six-year hiatus.

“Dave Chappelle’s going back to TV,” an insider said. “It’s not for a network. It’s for Netflix or Crackle or some other subscription service.”

This being the Internet, the land of so many unsubstantiated rumors, EW.com decided to investigate the rumor to find out whether it was actually true. The answer? Nope.

“Absolutely untrue,” a rep for Chappelle told EW.com in response to the report.

Chappelle shocked the world in 2005 when he abruptly left ‘Chappelle’s Show’ during its third season for a spiritual retreat to South Africa. The following year, he spoke to Oprah Winfrey about his decision to leave the show, saying, “I felt like some kind of prostitute or something. If I feel so bad, why keep on showing up to this place?”

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