As we head into the weekend, I have to say I'm so happy with where we're sitting right now. Yesterday was a big day for donations as we were able to fill up the room and start to get to the sorting portion of it. We even got a couple of late drop-offs, and while that doesn't seem like a big deal, it is.

The sorting is a big deal as it allows us to TRULY see what we are in need of the most and be able to focus on the items we're lacking in.

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After getting everything sorted out, the things it appears we need most are toys, arts & crafts stuff, diapers (sizes 5 & 6 are most needed), and sports balls like soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs. We will also accept cash donations that we can take out and shop to get items needed as the drive comes to an end. This can be very helpful.

Y'all have been absolutely fantastic so far, but we've still got a long way to go. One thing we mentioned a lot yesterday is banding everyone in the office together and go on a little shopping spree. Designate yourself (or someone) as the "shopper". Have everyone in the office give you $10, grab the list, then head over to Walmart, Target, a dollar store and go nuts.

As usual, we will have live updates as to what's going on out here throughout the day, so keep this page open! Our social media accounts will have pictures and live broadcasts throughout the day as well.

7:25 am: We're off to a good start so far. A donation has already come in and we're hoping today is the day that we start to see a constant stream of y'all rolling through!

8:36 am: Big thank you to Ye Olde Pancake Station for bringing out breakfast this morning. Absolutely delicious and giving us all fuel for what we hope will be a long, busy day!

10:05 am: It's already starting to warm up out here...but the donations are awfully quiet. Hoping to see you soon!

10:15 am: Scott and Shirley said "challenge accepted" and showed up with some sports balls and arts & crafts supplies. Thank you for rising to the occasion!

10:23 am: Thank you to Vanessa for coming through with a nice heavy winter coat as well as some hygiene items and a couple of arts & crafts things!

11:12 am: Shirley showed up with a couple of bags of goodies for us. Some clothing items and a few hygiene items. Thank you for stopping by Shirley!

11:18 am: Rita stopped by and dropped off a few goodies we're in need of. Let's keep it coming guys!

11:49 am: A woman and her daughter stopped by (who's names I missed) and donated some money towards the shopping list we'll compile at the end of this. Also, Lewis dropped by with a huge thing of paper towels and a few other items. Thank you!

11:51 am: Barbara and Cindy both just dropped by with bags of hygiene items and household cleaning items. I don't know if I can keep up with everyone stopping by all of a sudden! I'm going to do my best, promise. Thank you Amarillo! Still work to do, don't slow up now!

12:55 pm: Big thank you to the couple that just stopped by to drop off some toys, blankets and other things! Let's keep it moving y'all!

1:46 pm: We've had a couple of smaller donations dropped off in the last hour. Remember, no donation is too small! Every last thing helps. As you're getting ready to head out of work today, think you could grab a few items and come see us? It's beautiful out today, so getting out of your car isn't so harrowing today.

3:03 pm: Liz dropped by with a bag of items and a couple of rolls of paper towels. Thank you! I know those types of things aren't exciting, but they are for the people they'll be going to. It's those items we take for granted that so many need this holiday season. Let's keep it going!

3:21 pm: HUGE thank you to Ny Lynn and her son who stopped by and dropped off a TON of disinfecting wipes and some hygiene items. Those household cleaning products were something we were severely lacking in, but she just doubled our stock!

4:01 pm: Matt & his kids came by and dropped off some hygiene items for us and him and the crew from the Dumas Fire Department were so kind and brought us some pizza to munch on. Thank you for everything YOU do!

4:52 pm: Thanks to Kathy for getting the drive time drop-off's started by bringing some clothes through! I like it, the drive time drop-off. Let's end Friday night with a bang and go into the weekend strong!

5:15 pm: Erin coming through clutch! She's been hearing us talking and showed up with toys, some pull-up diapers and more! Thank you so much for listening and stopping by!

6:09 pm: We just had a nice large donation of hygiene items and several different sizes of underwear dropped off. THANK YOU so much for these items. The underwear is a biggie as we haven't gotten a whole lot of that.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for the drive. We need so much more stuff, so we hope that with the weekend officially here, you can find just a few minutes to get away and come by. Get the list at!

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