Linda Klemm, 48, is charged with child abuse after being caught on video kicking a toddler while taking a nap.

Will warn you watching this video is very disturbing. The child's mother noticed bruises on her daughter's body after coming home from the daycare. The mother then took her child to the emergency room to get examined. Not only did the toddler have bruises on her body but also had an abrasion right below her eye.

The toddler also had a patch of hair missing. The mother then made a report to local authorities and after investigation they found video of the daycare worker kicking the child. The police confronted the worker and she denied she never kicked the toddler.

Detectives plan to review more video from the daycare's 16 cameras to see if there were any other incidents.  Linda Klemm from Florida, has been arrested and charged with child abuse.

Warning: Video is very disturbing


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