So I guess America just can't appreciate a celebrity that doesn't fit the super skinny, cracked out looking standard in Hollywood huh?  Apparently a lot of people started talking about Demi Lovato after she appeared at the VMA's, and the topic of conversation, is her weight.  Doesn't make sense because if you ask me, she is smoking hot!  She looks way better then she did before she went to rehab.  I mean, putting on a few healthy pounds always looks good!  But I guess I'm the only one that can appreciate that because she said on her twitter:

Guess what, I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t. :)

You go girl!  You are beautiful and deserve happiness!  After her break up with Joe Jonas she checked into rehab for cutting, drugs, anger management and an eating disorder.  The Demi we see now, looks happy & healthy!  She does NOT look fat nor does she deserve all this criticism.  So as I've said before, some people just need to mind their own business.  If these people would put as much effort into bettering themselves as they put into judging other people, we would have a much better world!

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