In Amarillo, Mother Nature "taketh" and Mother Nature "giveth." Monday's cloudy skies made viewing the 2017 eclipse event a little challenging. Maybe the clouds got in your way or maybe you just couldn't get away from work long enough to catch it. Well don't fret! Texas has 2 chances coming where the path of totality will pass through the state!


In less than 7 years, the next United States eclipse will pass right over parts of Texas on April 8, 2024. The path of totality will put the full eclipse on view in a line stretching from just a couple miles north of San Antonio and Austin, to right through Killeen and Dallas.

Then, jump ahead to August 12, 2045 and it's the Texas panhandle's turn for some eclipse action. This time it will go across the Oklahoma panhandle and just brush the northeastern tip of Texas.

Credit: Great American Eclipse