Ok, I must admit it, I just figured out why construction companies put this black "fencing" around the property they are working on.

Recently, while sitting in the car line at my child's school, I noticed this black tarp/fence being put up around a property that is ready to be developed.

It wasn't the first time I see this, but I didn't know exactly why construction sites have this on the perimeter of the property.

Well, after doing some extensive research on the internet I found out that this is actually referred to as a Silt Fence.

The black fabric prevents sediment run-off while the land being developed. Construction sites will erect this barrier prior to doing work on land and this prevents the soil from getting into ditches or drains that may be near the property.

Often the barrier remains until construction is complete and until the land may be settled. Now, I know many of you may have already been aware of this, but for me, this was something new.

The next time you see property being developed where you are, see if this barrier is surrounding the property and if it is, you know that the construction company has taken sediment run-off into account.


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