It seems that there is a phobia for everything now a days.  A large amount of people actually suffer from Nomophobia-the fear of being without your cell phone.

I'll admit that I try to have my cell phone with me at all time-for emergencies, but I do not believe I suffer from Nomophobia.  While it seems funny, at least 66% of people suffer from this phobia.

According to a British survey, the percentage has risen by 12% since 2008.  So what is Nomophobia?  How does one know if they suffer from it?  Here is what a nomophobic fears: losing reception, running out of battery, and losing sight of your phone.

I do carry my cell with me, but I have a three year old and anything could happen.  However, if I am with my son or family hours can pass without me answering the phone.  I do not have nomophobia.  Now if you think you might have it, here are some of the warning signs:

You have a hard time turning your phone off-ever.

You obsessively check for missed calls, texts, or emails.

You are constantly making sure that your battery is charged.

You aren't capable of even going to the restroom without your cell.

If you suffer from any of these things, you are probably nomophobic.  It is ok to miss a call or text every now and then.  And if you do take your phone to the bathroom, please wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. :)

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