We all do it.

You see a moment and you just have to capture it. No matter how big or small, we have become adept at, and perhaps even addicted to, snapping photos on our phone. Heck, George Eastman didn't take as many pictures in his lifetime as we do in a day with our phones.

From the lunch on our plate and the shoes on our feet to the buildings around us and sunrises above us, we take pictures and keep them stashed on our phones like we're saving them for evidence in a murder trial.

And, if you have kids, well, forget it. Your phone will have photos busting at the seams like cash in a bank robber's couch. Junior got a B+ on his history test? You need to take 15 shots. You love the one with his eyes open, but that one where he's looking to the left is good. So is the one where he's looking to his right. And the one with his eyes closed? Well, that's just too cute not to keep.

Yes, we are nation of digital hoarders, unable to delete pictures that are as memorable as the ones you find in frames for sale at Macy's. What about you? Are you one of the many with this condition or do you keep phone free of picture clutter? And, if you do, have you ever thought about teaching a class in how to successfully do that?

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